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The select PROrealty team has been chosen for its extensive knowledge and fierce commitment to Customer satisfaction. The passion for our industry is inherent in each our team members. In part, it is this passion that drives each of us to ensure that we exceed the expectations of those individuals , families abd businesses who place their trust in us to represent them in one of the most important transactions of their lives. 

We deliver exceptional customer experience through an outstanding team sharing our values of accountability, integrity, loyalty, teamwork, service orientation and ethical behavior. We know that it is no longer good enough to merely do our best – it is imperative that we do what is required. We are committed to doing what is required.

  Perfection is our goal, Excellance can be tolerated.


Agent List


Brian Napier - Broker-Owner


Shreya Aggarwal - REALTOR®

Ruchika Chopra - REALTOR®

Sohan Kumar - REALTOR®

Support Staff

Briana Biggs - Marketing Director

Margaret Napier - Office Manager

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