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Monday, September 14, 2015 - Your Home and Autumn II

What a great weekend to get the outside of your home winterized (or at least get the seasonal changeover started!) I hope you managed to enjoy the lovely weather that Saturday in particular afforded. 

Today, as promised, I am going to take a look at tips for ensuring the interior of your home is ready for winter. Given that this week is meant to be a bit blustery and damp, it's a great time to be productive and proactive inside!

You will notice that the indoor list is a bit longer than the outside list but take heart! Most of the things listed are smaller tasks or jobs that are usually done by professionals. 

• Reversing the direction your fan spins is a great simple task to start off with. A lot of people I have spoken with don't know that, by ensuring that your fan blades are spinning in a clockwise direction, cooler air will be sucked up and warmed. This makes your room warmer and will help you save on heating costs. 

• It isn't a miraculous house warmer though, so it's important to clean up any loose fire hazards around the house (such as old newspapers) so that space heaters or heating blankets don't ignite the loose tinder

• If your home has a fire place, it's a good idea to get it checked and cleaned. We have a gas fireplace and, when it hasn't been cleaned and has been sitting since March, the smell of burning dust can be quite alarming. 

• If you're noticing fire being a common thread here, it's because house fires are a real hazard in the winter. Take this opportunity to check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Review your fire escape plan and check (or install) fire extinguishers. 

• Take this opportunity to either clean or change the filters around your home (for instance on your AC, the stove vent, the clothes dryer, the roof fan,...). This will increase the efficiency and reduce the risk of it catching fire. 

• It is recommended to get a professional in to service your furnace, clean your ducts and clean your humidifier if your home has one. Most companies have package offers and a lot of specials are on right now because this is the best time to get it done

• Because Edmonton has such hard water, it's a good idea to drain your water tank. If you're scratching your head, you're not alone - this is something I just found out about. Just as sediment builds up in your kettle with repeated use, the same goes for your hot water tank. By emptying your tank, you can clear out the sediment and also check for any rust that may have started in your tank

• Easy jobs now: check for any leaky faucets, remove any window AC units and clean the windows, and check for any drafts.

• Finally, go through your kitchen and medicine cupboard and throw out old food and medicines. (Please don't throw away any expired medicines, they are very damaging to the environment; rather, take them to any pharmacy and they will happily take them other absolutely no judgement). 

And you're done! I know it looks like a lot, but most are small jobs that won't take much time to complete. 
Wednesday is the fun post; we will be discussing autumn aesthetics and tips for staging and selling your home in autumn. We will see you then! Happy Monday!

posted in General at Mon, 14 Sep 2015 12:05:31 -0600

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