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Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - Your Home and Autumn III

For the last installment of our three part series, I will be discussing autumn aesthetics and tips for staging and selling your home in the fall. Before getting to the fun stuff (dealing with colors and room accents), you may want to clean and re-order your fridge, linen cupboard, bookshelves and furniture. Not only will these have practical ramifications, they also improve the presentation of your home (in the event that you're selling). 

On an aesthetic front, I recommend thinking about colour and coziness. Rich, warm hues are the hallmark of autumn: think reds, browns, oranges, golds, yellows and a spattering of green. There are many ways to incorporate these colours into your décor, but a cheap and often overlooked way is window clings. Found in many of the dollar stores around town, these clings are reusable and fun to arrange - particularly if there are children in your home. Offering a great selection to fit your unique taste, these little accents look great scattered throughout your home. Some of the strategic places I have my clings are on the windows, the fridge, the dishwasher, and on the mirrors around my house. 

Consider introducing some throw pillows to your couch and bed as these bring in the autumn colors but they also add coziness to your room. The key with these is to add a strategic few and avoid overburdening your furniture.
Throw rugs are a great addition to every room and can add colour, body and coziness; they are versatile, easily changeable and don't have to cost a fortune. Plus, throw rugs can be as big or as small as you can imagine, allowing you to make as big a statement as you want.
Entryway and doorstep mats are another similar way to achieve this result. 

Now that you've done all of that, you'll be pleased to hear that many realtors consider autumn the second best time to sell your home (after the spring). A lot of the tips regarding staging and selling your home this season we've already taken care of: cleaning up the yard, servicing your furnace and fireplace, cleaning and dressing your windows, using autumn colors,...

But a few more tips that can help sell your home:

• Create curb appeal by placing pumpkins and/or potted flowers outside. Think yellow when it comes to flowers; yellow is a home selling colour and looks great in the fall. Don't forget your back yard and deck; potential buyers want to envision themselves outside on a cool, crisp autumn evening. A great way to do this is the introduction of cushions in autumn colors. 

• Prepare autumn dishes (think apple, cinnamon and pumpkin) or cheat and use candles to achieve the same great smelling home. Also, since we are in the kitchen, it's advisable to make the room reminiscent of harvest season (say with a bowl of fresh red apples, a cookbook propped open to your favorite autumn dish, cinnamon sticks next to your kettle and mug, pinecones on the windowsill,...)

• Autumn can be a dark season; before potential buyers arrive, turn on all the lights in your home and open all of the blinds to try and make your home look as light as possible. 

• Finally, depersonalize your rooms a little bit. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the house you are selling; if there are too many personal items in your home, buyers will have a hard time doing that. 

Enjoy welcoming autumn into your home; it is my favorite season and I love decorating for fall.
If you're selling, good luck! and don't forget that a realtor can help expedite the process. 

posted in General at Wed, 16 Sep 2015 17:54:40 -0600

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