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Your PROrealty team is pleased to provide a number of free bulletins and tools for your convenience.  The information is presented for your general information purposes only.  Contact your PROrealty Agent to learn more and see how we can be of service to you.

Information rules.  The more informed you are before buying or selling, the better your decision, the better your realized value, the less risk you assume and the less stressed you become.  My PROrealty team unanimously believes in ensuring you are as knowledgeable and informed as possible regarding what will likely be one of the largest financial transactions of your life.  We look forward to being your trusted Real Estate “Sherpa” on your exciting journey to buy a new house or to sell your existing home.  Here is just a few Selected Sample of our Many HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL & VALUABLE FREE REPORTS.  Simply EMAIL me NOW with the report title - or the type of information you would like in your subject line and I will send this to you.

☐         PROrealty Acclaimed Monthly Front Porch E-Newsletter
☐         When to Stop Renting and Buy
☐         How to Save for a Down Payment
☐         8 Dumb things Smart Buyers Do
☐         7 Expensive Mistakes that Home Buyers Make
☐         Moving Checklist
☐         Guide to Home Inspection
☐         Sample inspection report
☐         What to ask a home inspector before buying
☐         Repair Guide
☐         Seasonal Checklist
☐         5 things to reduce the stress of selling
☐         Psychology behind pricing homes
☐         Self staging secrets
☐         Boost your home’s chance of a quick sale
☐         Compete against multiple offers
☐         How to Play and Win the Negotiation Game
☐         Do open houses work?
☐         Buy first then sell

We have also found the represented weblinks to contain useful information, and present them for your convenience only. Aside from those services we provide directly, we are not affiliated with, endorse nor influence these sites, their represented material, referenced links or content.


Enjoy our FREE  PROrealty Word Search Puzzle.  



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